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Zola Mennenöh

Copenhagen / Cologne-based songwriter Zola Mennenöh joins figureight records for the release of her eloquent debut album Longing for Belonging.

Known - and highly in demand - as a session musician in her native Germany and her adoptive second homes in Denmark and Norway, Zola Mennenöh is a singer, guitarist, flautist and sound artist of huge talent. She has toured the world over, specialising in jazz, improvisation and experimental & avant garde choral music, both as a performer and as composer. It is through this experience and years of honing that Longing for Belonging comes into existence. Her debut solo album is a collection of delicate treasures: graceful, expressive and elegantly poised, exploring the great depth of her abilities as a musician and the cultured poetry of her lyrics.

Zola Mennenöh | Longing for Belonging

F8018 | Nov 13th 2020 | CD, LP & DIG

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