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Tōth: New song & video out now

We're thrilled to share Tōth's new single 'When I Awoke!' It is now available to stream/download on a platform of your choosing. Watch the beautiful accompanying music video crafted by Mu Tunc in Istanbul below!

The Clash had this to say about 'When I Awoke': "When I Awoke' is one of the album's key emotional and aesthetic moments, a point where Tōth emerges blinking into the light."

About the video, Tōth says:

"I saw a film Mu Tunc made for my label mate - shot in the Oman Desert--and was floored by the quality and cinematography. When I reached out to him, he shot back an idea for 'When I Awoke' that stunned me: 'a downtrodden telekinetic is out-of-place, surrounded by drugs and orgiastic party' and sent along the final scene of Tarkovsky's sci-fi masterpiece - Stalker - as a reference."

"He didn’t know my album was called 'Practice Magic…' and he didn’t know that i’d been through a very real struggle understanding who I was and how to exist in the world for awhile after I got sober."

"I played a solo show while I was there and last minute at the venue wrote and performed a song with this brilliant young Turkish drag queen named Rose who I met on set. The whole experience there blew my mind and between Rose and Mu and the countless other amazing people I met, I fell in love with that city..."

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