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Tōth: New signing, track & video!

We are thrilled to welcome Tōth to our roster and to share his beautiful first single “Copilot” along with an accompanying video via Gorilla vs. Bear! Listen / watch here.

Tōth is a new project of Brooklyn multi-instrumentalist songwriter Alex Toth, known for collaborating and writing with Kimbra, Alexander F, Rubblebucket, Cuddle Magic and others. As Tōth, he presents his most vulnerable songs and performances yet, often sung in a style reminiscent of Arthur Russell, while also adding trumpet loops and guitar.

“Copilot” is the first offering from Tōth. A debut album, mixed by Andrew Sarlo (Big Thief, Nick Hakim) is in the works, out sometime next year.

Read below for the story behind the track:

“It was the first of many songs that came to me in the most emotional time of my life, after the breakup of a partner I’d been through a lot of hard and beautiful times with. Very luckily I’d just gotten off a meditation retreat and during this time my practice was to be with the loss/grief directly without getting as much into mental obsession/ego stories which—judging by how intense the pure grief was—would’ve probably destroyed me! Instead, I got to work through it with these songs that just kept coming.

Sonically I wanted the record to be direct and sparse and have minimal bells and whistles. Though there’s definitely some whistling and lushness throughout haha. My love of artists like Arthur Russell, Sybille Baier, and Brian Wilson definitely come through here. As well as some of my background as a bebop jazz trumpet player."

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