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Arborescence {remixes} & Úlfur's electro-magnetic harp

Úlfur's Arborescence {remixes} EP is now available as digital download & stream! Featuring remixes by Kara-Lis Coverdale, Alex Somers and Oren Ambarchi, the EP offers a different take on selected tracks off Arborescence, released on figureight last fall. Head over to Úlfur's bandcamp to listen to/buy both albums. In other Úlfur-related news, the self-taught sound wizard has spent five years perfecting a new instrument. The Segulharpa -an electro-magnetic harp - will soon be available to purchase. Meanwhile you can listen to the first ever recordings here.

For the sound/tech nerds, here's how it works: Manipulating phase differences and magnetic fields surrounding the strings that lay on the inside, the harp is played by interfacing with the touch sensor network keyboard embedded into wooden enclosure. Each chord becomes a living system, as individual strings settle on harmonic intervals in agreement with one another. As an electronic acoustic instrument and/or electro-mechanical reverb, Úlfur has just begun exploring ts sonic capabilities and potential. Follow Úlfur on Facebook for future Segulharpa & music updates here.

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