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A year in review

As the holidays are upon us and the year draws to a close, it's only fitting to look back on the past months and reflect. We've had a busy and wonderful year. 2017 is the year figureight was born - what was once a fetus has turned into a fully formed being, ready to make its mark on the world. We released four wonderful albums this year. JFDR's Brazil was released in collaboration with us in March to great acclaim, for example winning a Kraumur award. JFDR has been busy on the road this year, touring with Floating Points, playing LA's Walt Disney Hall and solo shows with various setups in different continents.

Aaron Roche's HaHa HuHu was released in September. The album bravely addresses topics like mental health in a beautiful way, with The Spill calling it "a true work of art". Aaron has been busy working on various albums this year - producing, playing and composing - and is set for touring in the new year.

Gyda Valtysdottir's Epicycle was released worldwide in October after having been released digitally only and in Iceland only last year. These precious re-cloaked classical pieces garnered great reviews, with Stereogum calling her arrangements "eerie and spacious" and Tiny Mix Tapes calling the music "shiver-inducing".

Úlfur's Arborescence was released in November. This ambitious masterpiece brought Úlfur stellar reviews from Heavy Blog is Heavy ("Whenever Arborescence sees its live debut, Úlfur should receive a magnanimous standing ovation"), Exclaim ("Arborescence is the work of a major talent") Stereogum ("tantalizing") and Brooklyn Vegan ("grand, cinematic sounds").

The lovely Indriði also made some noise this year, releasing a collaborative single with NYC artist Eartheater and a dreamy video to "Undiraldan" off his figureight album Makríl. Indriði's currently working on new material and a solid live setup and is looking forward to kicking it on tour in the new year.

All in all, it's been a busy year for a new-born label. We're very grateful to our collaborators, partners and listeners - and last but not least our wonderful community of artists: always unique, always daring, always curious.

We're currently making plans for some magic in 2018, which is already shaping up to be a year of many musical wonders. Stay tuned - and thank you for the support in 2017. Love, figureight

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