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J.R. Bohannon

Brooklyn-based fingerstyle guitar player J.R. Bohannon announces his beautiful debut album Dusk, released through Shahzad Ismaily’s figureight records in November 2019. The record represents a deep, intuitive study of the guitar in the American folk tradition imbued with influences from minimalism, Latin, & Greek musics.

Bohannon is a student in American styles and his compositions for 6 and 12-string guitar sit somewhere between the dulcet, pastoral bliss of pioneers such as Leo Kottke or Robbie Basho, the passionate fluidity of Gabor Szabo, and the Southern charm of Ry Cooder. He marries this with a love of American minimalism - greats like Philip Glass and Terry Riley as well as modern acts Tortoiseand Gastr Del Sol - and with this multitude of inspirations his own compositions take a form carefully nuanced, both spacious and fluid.



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