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Chaz Knapp

Chaz Knapp is a musician based in Dallas, Texas, after numerous moves across the US. He was, as a pre-teen, seen as something of a blues guitar prodigy - a mantle he roundly rebuffed by joining his local DIY noise scene and co-forming Animal Collective-inspired oddballs Our Brother The Native, releasing a handful of albums on the UK’s FatCat Records.


His new album Organ Drunes is written, produced and performed by Knapp alone and mastered by ambient stalwart Rafael Anton Irisarri. It is Chaz Knapp’s first release on figureight.

Incredibly, the entire record was written for a single piece of equipment with a fitting backstory: “I purchased a Yamaha YC45-D combo organ off of eBay seven years ago. I was living in Missouri and the organ was 9 hours away in Tennessee. I drove down a long dirt road at midnight until I finally got to the guy’s house in the middle of nowhere. A very eerie night and a very quick transaction / getaway.”

Chaz Knapp & Mariel Roberts

Setting Fire to These Dark Times

F8029 | April 21st 2023 | CD, cassette, DIG

Chaz Knapp | Organ Drunes

F8019 | April 2nd 2021 | CS & DIG

Chaz Knapp | Organ Drunes Bsides

F8026 | August 27th 2021 | 10" & DIG

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