Aaron Roche

HaHa HuHu is the beautiful new album by Brooklyn-based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Aaron Roche. Released through figureight records, the album acts as an anchor for Roche’s contrasting narratives: a singer-songwriter with an ear for the avant-garde; a contemporary composer who sings American folk music; an instrumentalist who works as a recording engineer.

Roche’s musical CV offers some insight into his craft. He performs (guitar) in the touring bands of musicians as diverse as R. Stevie Moore, Lower Dens, Sufjan Stevens and ANOHNI, he has composed music for the American Ballet Theatre, he has played trumpet with his father’s brass ensemble. Though filtered through his strange and singular lens, all these elements of sound help illuminate the musician and his vision. The album’s wistful sensitivity and heartening playfulness reveal a songwriter both mature and confident, drawn to lo-fiand droning textures, to nonstandard song-crafting, to acutely personal observation.

Lyrically fogged with abstraction, Roche writes that HaHa HuHu is a record of his grappling with mental illness over the years of the album’s construction. But it is not as bleak as this admission might suggest. We are given lines like: "Canyon walls are echoing sadness / The howl and sarcasm / I'll stay here alone now / I'm fine alone." The picture is of inquisitiveness and discovery, not submission.


HaHa HuHu was released worldwide on September 8th.


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  • HaHa HuHu promo available on request from hello[@]figureightrecords.com

Aaron Roche | HaHa HuHu

F8002 | Sept 22nd 2017 | LP & DIG

“A spellbinding hymn...incantatory vocal phrases repeating atop rising and falling tide[s] of noise and subtly glitchy percussion...Magical.”

"A striking effort that steeps its spare songs in fractured electronics, heady harmonies, and manic counter-melodies."

"Aaron Roche is in a league all on his own...beautiful, emotional and oddly hopeful…
With HaHa HuHu he exceeded all expectations and has delivered an album that stands out...A true work of art."
4.5/5 stars
The Spill Magazine

"HaHa HuHu is as captivating as it is beautiful and strange."

"The beauty of this music cannot be denied. Brian Eno would be impressed."
Audio Fuzz

“[Roche] effortlessly weaves together threads of contemporary composition, American folk traditions and avant garde noise rock in a refreshingly unpretentious way.”
TimeOut NYC
“Beautiful and haunting.”
Feast of Music
“We have been moved by the songs of Aaron Roche.”