Listen to & watch "Bang"

self-titled have just premiered the third and final track we're sharing off Aaron Roche's HaHa HuHu, "Bang". 

You can both listen to the song and watch a video to it, via this link. Aaron himself made the video, which features label mate Gyda Valtysdottir and some strangely enchanting movements. 

Aaron had this to say on the song: 

I wrote and recorded the song “Bang” some time ago. I was not in a great place mentally when I did. I wasn’t in a terrible place, but I was feeling extremely overwhelmed by my life changing very dramatically, very quickly. 

The music really came alive with the additions of vocalist Alex Sopp, bassist Logan Coale, and Michael Hammond programming some electronics.

Each ornamentation contributed by those three musicians helped to even out the frenetic structure of the tune.

The density of the song’s arrangement was an intentional decision. The lyrics wander through various dreamy landscapes filled with the vivid colors and anxious energies that accompany what might be classified as a panic attack.

HaHa HuHu is out next week. You can pre-order via bandcamp and be the first to receive the full album once it's out.