New Indridi track & video

Indridi has been busy since the release of Makril. Today The Line Of Best Fit are premiering a new Indridi track & video, which they call "two fantastic songs, two completely contrasting aesthetics".

I started making this song in the tour van riding from Hannover to some other town.
We were driving fast on the Autobahn. After moving to Berlin I started getting more into going to clubs and kind of discovered techno music, I just set out with making some very jaw grinding music. The strings in the middle part are played by Paul Wiancko this amazing composer and cellist, he recorded a string arrangement Aaron Roche made for my song "Dreamcat" last fall, it's sampled from those recordings. I immediately felt that Eartheater could level up the intensity of the song. She had this to say about the matter:
"Smoking the spokes of the voice comb."

Video: "Undiraldan"

"Undiraldan" is a song I wrote on an airplane going back to Iceland after going to NY for the first time. It's a love song of sorts, it's pretty old and when I think back to it I was very young and new to these feelings. Half a year later I returned again to NY and spent a lot of time with my friend Aaron Roche. At the time I had never recorded any of my songs that became the Indridi stuff. He asked me to record one song with him and join him and play a few of my songs on one of his shows. It was this song, "Undiraldan", and that moment was the seed of what was about to come. The video is very feel good and slightly phsycadelic, while being super mundane. I gathered together a team that I knew would be very fun to work with and then we just went at it with some slight ideas. I made the video with Fjóla Gautadóttir, dancer, and Sindri Steinarsson, filmographer, the process was very smooth and natural.