Indriði Announces Solo Album Makril out July 29 on figureight

Indriði Ingólfsson is a young Icelandic musician born of Reykjavik’s DIY punk scene, performing regularly with the hardcore band Muck and collaborating with artists such as Úlfur Hansson (Klive), The Heavy Experience, and Jófríður Ákadóttir. “I wanted to take this project out of Iceland a bit,” says Indriði. “I'm so bored of being here. If i wasn't in a romantic relationship with four guys that are my band then I wouldn't be in Iceland. I have a great need to explore by myself and experience different surroundings. Society here is so strange because it’s so small and everybody knows each other—we're such a bubble. I really like going alone to different places.”

The initial album spark came when he and Kristín Anna Valtýsdóttir (múm) presented an visual/audio installation during a residency in New York at the Clocktower Gallery (where the songs “Út” and “Guitarplay” were recorded) in the winter of 2013. That fall, the 24 year-old visual artist and guitar player returned to New York, this time setting up camp in the solitude of a forest upstate for ten days, where he experimented and recorded at Time Tree Studio. With friends and collaborators Aaron Roche (William Tyler, wordless music orchestra, R. Stevie Moore) and Alexandra Drewchin (Guardian Alien), they took walks in the woods, hung out, painted, and recorded very few takes straight to tape, learning analog production techniques as he went.

He had never sung before —“I just kind of screamed in my hardcore band”—so it was a real departure. “Most of the music I was doing solo before was really influenced by getting the program Ableton Live and I was producing a lot of electronic stuff. and I was you can always go back to the program and you can always do more with it somehow. But with this album I wanted to capture something live, some moment. Most of the songs were written troubadour style: writing lyrics and playing the guitar and singing the songs instead of just working in a computer.” Most of the lead guitar tracks were recorded very simply and in just one session: “I wanted it to sound live, so I had one microphone that faced out the window. That’s why you can often hear a little bit of airplane and insects and crickets and stuff.”

At the heart of the album’s concept is Indriði’s kinship with mackerel fish (‘makríll’ in Icelandic): “I was living in this shed by the ocean in Reykjavik and I was completely obsessed with hunting mackerel. The first thing I did when I woke up was go out and fish, and all my dreams were about mackerel. I was just psycho about this mackerel and gave myself a mackerel stick-and-poke tattoo while I recorded the album—I was very fixated with this fish. It’s a cool fish: it’s a fish that only very recently started coming to Iceland—like this immigrant fish—it just started coming and people hadn't gotten used to it, and there are all these politics about who should and shouldn’t be allowed to fish it. And when I looked it was just like, this fish. So it stuck.”

figureight records makes its debut on July 12, 2017, with the release of Makril, a 12-inch vinyl LP comprising ten original tracks written and recorded by Indriði that reflect his ideas of self exploration, immigration mackerel fish, and leaving Iceland. Makril is his solo record, a self-produced raw acoustic record that debuts his vocals and lyrics. The release comes with a 150gm vinyl record and a digital download card. It is available for pre-order and comes with a download of the track “Dreamcat."



1A. Afogtil

2A. Dreamcat

3A. Paradisa

4A. Guitarplay

5A. Undiraldan

6B. Djésenda

7B. Gæsin og Minkurin

8B. Apar

9B. Asenda

10B. Út