a collection of treasures
traversing from the sidelines and outer edges
to the centerpoint
of an unformed curiosity

figureight is a new record label & artist collective led by Shahzad Ismaily, a multi-instrumental and multi-disciplinary performer and label manager Hildur Maral.
The label is a home for interior, shy, and hidden works, celebrating musicians rare, weird, and unique. Many of figureight’s artists have been sidemen to better known performers, and are now releasing their solo ventures through the label where they are nurtured and respected as musicians in a holistic, artist-friendly approach.

figureight values sincerity, curiosity and artistic vision and acts as a space where even the most nocturnal creature will come out to see what’s available for fun and adventure.
figureight is connected to Figure 8 studio (Brooklyn, NYC) where most of the label releases pass through in some way and the artists frequently record and perform live together. The roster may be diverse, set apart by musical and geographical distances, but is bound together in creative and expressive spirit. 
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